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A partnership built on trust
A relationship that matters

The Emirates Society strengthens the UK-UAE relationship, deepening public understanding about the UAE in Britain.

The United Arab Emirates is:

  • One of the UK’s top trading partners

  • A force for stability and counter-extremism in the Middle East

  • Where 100,000 British people call home

The Society exists to promote the relationship between Britain and the UAE, and increase awareness of it in both countries. To do this, we publish material and host events relating to the UAE and the UK relationship. These include panel discussions, lectures, film screenings and social occasions. You can see our latest recordings here. Sign up here to receive our occasional newsletter.

Emirates Society Zoom Call

The UK-UAE Relationship

The UK and UAE have a deep and historic partnership which supports jobs and prosperity for both countries and peace and moderation in the Middle East.


Partners for prosperity and in investment

The UAE is the UK’s fourth biggest trading partner outside Europe and the UK’s largest export market in the Middle East.

Partners in education

Dozens of British schools and universities operate in the UAE and thousands of Emiratis study in the UK each year.

Partners in green energy

The UAE is a big investor in British green energy, including major offshore wind farms.

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About the UAE

Seven separate coastal states formed the United Arab Emirates in 1971 and in the decades since the UAE has evolved into regional leader and an important global hub.

Our Founding Silver Corporate Partners

About us

The Society hosts events for policy makers who are interested in the UAE, the UAE’s ties with the United Kingdom and related regional issues. We put videos of some of these events on this website for the benefit of the wider public.

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